Canadian Student Magazine and its complementary website, www.studyandgoabroad.com, fills a gap in the market and provides reliable and accessible information on study options and experiential travel opportunities: Foreign Language studies, College and University degrees, Master and Doctoral degrees, Exchange programs, Volunteer Projects, Internships, Work Experience programs, Executive MBA's, Eco-Touring, Boarding Schools and more, outside and inside of Canada. The readership ranges from graduating high school students and gap year seekers to middle-age professionals looking to develop themselves for professional advancement and/or take a career break. As well, the magazine reaches international students in Canada who either wish to find a Canadian institution for their next step or continue elsewhere with their studies.

Reach your target market in Canada by advertising in Canadian Student Magazine

Canadian Student is distributed for free to high schools, universities, at Study and Go Abroad Fairs (www.recruitincanada.com / www.studyandgoabroad.com) , employment recruitment centres, select Canadian language schools, education counselling agents and embassies. The readership includes prospective students and their families and friends, guidance and education counsellors, as well as professionals looking to upgrade or supplement their knowledge and skills.

The primary focus is on education, but this comes in numerous forms and all providers of education and experiential programs wishing to reach this market are encouraged to advertise in and contribute their expertise to Canadian Student Magazine

You should take part:

  • If you are interested in achieving and/or maintaining visibility in this prolific market
  • If you already actively recruit from or within Canada and wish to supplement your efforts with a wider-spread presence
  • If you specialize in education programs and/or preparation programs, including:
    • High school
    • Foundation programs
    • Foreign Language programs
    • Exam preparation for university entrance
    • Pre-masters/pre-MBA
    • Certificate and diploma programs; TAFE; college/associate degree programs
    • Undergraduate programs
    • Graduate programs

  • If you provide programs such as:
    • Volunteering
    • GAP year travel
    • Eco-tourism
    • Work Experience/Internships
    • Programs aimed at either students in their breaks and/or professionals looking for a career break
  • If you specialize in peripheral services, eg., insurance, banking services, learning materials, technology, career planning
  • If your company provides services and/or products to the target groups

If you have more questions about the Canadian market and why you should showcase your programs in Canadian Student Magazine, please contact us on  info@canadianstudentmagazine.com.