Canada is a country of approximately 35 million people, people who have settled from around the world in this land rich with natural resources, beauty and a world-class education system.

Statistics Canada (2016) reports that 43% of our population is under 35 years of age, with 32% of those under 35 being in the age range of 15-24 - that is, 4.6 million. Of these, nearly half are in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario alone.

The Conference Board of Canada tells us that a predicted 25 billion dollars is spent on outbound travel by Canadians (, and with youth making up a large portion of that figure, the Canadian market is not one to be overlooked.

IIE's Open Doors 2015 Report tells us that there were almost 28,000 Canadians studying in the US alone in institutions of higher education during the 2014/15 academic year, making Canada the fifth largest source country of international students going to the US alone. With these numbers, American universities and colleges are well advised to direct their focus to this market.

And Canadians are in the top 10 list of highest volume source countries to UK universities, with a recent average of 5000 students every year studying in higher education institutions across the UK. Statistics for Canadians enrolled in post-secondary programs in Australia are similar, as they also are for Europe.

International students abound in Canada, with approximately 70,000 full time and 13,000 part time international students at Canadian universities. And of course, Canadian language schools attract hundreds of thousands of student from over 100 countries every year.

These all make up a large portion of who your prospects are in Canada and who use Canadian Student Magazine, and Recruit in Canada University Fairs to obtain information about Canadian and overseas educational and experiential opportunities.