Canadian Student Magazine and complementary website provide intellectual, useful forums through which institutions can reach Canadians and international visitors to Canada who want to develop themselves further and explore beyond their current reach.

The Canadian Student Magazine is published in September and March each year, strategically timed to reach long- and short-term planners of all ages and all phases of their academic, personal and/or professional lives.

The primary function is to serve as a reference guide in which providers of programs sought by Canadians and visitors to Canada showcase their offerings through the variety of participation options. This allows different institutions to apply their own style in relaying the message they wish the audience to receive, and ultimately encourage inquiries and enrollments.

Our tagline, ‘Study in Canada. Study Abroad,’ captures the spirit of our goal, which is to bring the value of Canadian and international education and experiential travel experiences to our readers. There are people interested in learning by exploring, broadening their horizons, challenging themselves – maybe even challenging the status quo. It covers a wide range of options, fresh opinions, and sets out to inspire the readership – your prospective program participants.  

Of course the definition of ‘student’ in Canada is broad and for our purposes includes Canadian students in high school or post-secondary education; employees attending corporate training (and those HR professionals choosing the programs for the company); working professionals looking for a change or an upgrade; Gap Year and Career Break seekers; international students in Canada looking to take their next step in Canada or elsewhere. This is who reads Canadian Student Magazine and

And we cannot forget our peers. Because each issue of Canadian Student Magazine will be received by past and current contributors, as well as interested parties in the local and international sectors, your peers will see you in the publication as well.