Writing for Canadian Student Magazine and

Editorial features in Canadian Student Magazine and on are largely contributed by industry professionals. Articles shall not be self-promotional, and there is no payment for them, but the author is credited with name, institution name, very brief bio if appropriate, and website. We do not guarantee publishing of all content received. Articles should be in the 400-1000 word range, unless otherwise arranged.

About Canadian Student Magazine

Canadian Student Magazine is published semi-annually and contains valuable information contributed by industry professionals. Its primary goal is to showcase education opportunities in  Canada as well as overseas; its secondary function is to provide information on volunteer and work experience programs and general information about gap year and career break options. Currently, 10,000 copies are printed per issue.

About was originally developed to be the complementary student portal to the Canadian Student Magazine; however, due to the very nature of the site being on the world-wide web, it automatically reaches far beyond the Canadian borders and is targeted at students from all countries, yet still keeping a heavily Canadian-targeted approach.

Writing for our audience

Readers of Canadian Student Magazine and are students, guidance counsellors, parents, government officials and educators. Students are Canadians looking to study in another province or abroad, or non-Canadians (international students already in Canada), looking to further their studies in Canada or abroad. Our content and advertising is aimed at students aged 16-35; that is, high school leavers, university students, and professionals wishing to upgrade or change their personal or career path.

A useful article might be about planning for a particular area of study, such as medicine or fashion design; or about how to apply to universities in a particular country; job opportunities in Canada or abroad for specific fields of study; or describing the education system in a province, including attractions for students, domestic student transfers, etc. We know that there is a lot of inter-provincial activity and recruitment efforts withinCanada, as well as from outbound movement to institutions overseas, and we aim to support this through content in the magazine and on the website.

Submission deadlines

For the Canadian Student Magazine, we ask that editorial proposals be sent to us at any time during the year for consideration to use on the website and/or in the magazines. Completed articles for the Spring issue are to be sent no later than February 3rd, and for the Fall/Winter issue, August 31st.

Submissions can be in French and/or English and should be sent to If you would like photos included, please send them along with the photo credits as they should be listed.

Note that we appreciate all proposals but cannot guarantee the timing of their use. But we will of course advise you and reply to all proposals.

CSM and Team